During his teenage, he always dreamed to do what he was born to do.

Then, he decided to leave the home country to find out his dream. He always considered to go to EUROPE.


When he visited to India, he felt that he wanted to do something to help people.

Later, he decided to become a health professional.


He prepared to study in Germany because he felt confident with German language

and health educational system when he travelled to Austria and Germany. 


On his journet, he met his mentor in England who was one of the top ENT surgeon in the UK and 

advised him to learn 'OSTEOPATHY'. His mentor was a patient of an osteopath because of his neck pain

and highly impressed with the hands-on treatment without a surgical mess.


He visited to the college of osteopathic medicine in London and felt that ostopathy was the one he has been looking for.

At the end of the his long journey, he found his dream. 


He was trained in London to become a special osteopath with his fantastic colleagues who now spread to the world.

He successfully completed the tough courses and gained the British Licence of Osteopathic Medicine. His passion for the

human body and health made him keeping a further continuing education with residential CPD courses including neurology,

physiology and immunity at the universities in Cambridege and Oxford.


As the first Korean osteopath trained in the UK, he decided to go back to the home country to introduce osteopathy to

Korea. He establised an osteopathic academy in Seoul for medical professionals. Also, he completed his PhD course and 

conducted clinical trails. His research design combining surgical procedure for low back pain with osteopathic treatment

was regarded as an outstanding health strategy at the international health conference. His articles were published in the internationally recognised journals and inspired osteopaths and health professionals in the world.


He said that his life experience both in the Western and Eastern countries seemed to give him a broad spectrum

to see the patients in terms of aspects of lifesyle, culture or nutrition.




Joseph B. Kim DO, ND, M.Ost, PhD (progress)







One & Only Osteopath in Seoul,

fully trained and registered in UK

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